Is There Really a Best Breed For First Time Dog Owners?

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Is there a best breed for first time dog owners?

Without having anyone to contact animal control made the decision to euthanize her within an hour of her arrival at their facility.? She says Baylee was a happy, healthy dog who was not suffering. And what about all the dogs that don?t make those lists? Should they immediately be taken out of consideration? I wouldn?t recommend a Border Collie to most first time dog owners ? but what if someone is thoroughly prepared? What if they?ve done their research and are looking forward to finding a great agility dog and jogging partner? And what about those of us who?ve had dogs before? Does the fact that you?ve owned a dog mean you?re ready to take on a dog that?s more ?challenging?? I know plenty of second, third, or fourth time dog owners who weren?t prepared for the dog they ended up with. Dogs bolt out of doors, jump fences, take off after car accidents, run away from fireworks, and the list goes on. So while microchipping your pet isn?t sexy it really can save your dogs life. ? 87 percent of microchips are detected during a scan when the animals entered the shelter. Don?t get me wrong; it is excellent advice & finding a dog that fits your lifestyle is exactly what you need to do. A first time dog owner whose hobbies are jogging and bicycling is going to do better with a much different dog than the first time dog owner who enjoys reading the paper & watching hours of television each night. The Term Suffering is Subjective Unfortunately with the way the laws are written in Michigan there?s no clear distinction as to what constitutes suffering; that decision is subjective itself.?Of those, approximately 3. The result? Potential adopters spent more time asking questions about the dogs, giving the shelter staff the chance to explain the importance of getting to know each dog as an individual with it?s own unique personality traits. If there?s a breed you?re interested in but don?t think you could handle their puppy or adolescence phase look into adopting an adult or senior. It doesn?t feel like a natural way to clump dogs together. Every first time pet owner is different. I think it?s much easier to match an owner with a great dog based on that dogs individual personality ? not just the pedigree or assumed breeds we attribute to mixes. I planned on doing a lot more but honestly I can only stand looking at a couple ?go to page 2 for the next breed? posts at a time before I start to get angry ? but that?s a topic for another day. Her family searched the whole day with no luck, but at 11pm they received a call and found out she had been picked up and taken to animal control 20 miles away. And if you?re set on getting a purebred pup go out & meet some breeders & go to dog shows. There Are Millions of Great Dogs Out There We shouldn?t assume that there?s a ?perfect? breed for any given situation, just as there?s not a ?perfect? owner for every single dog. There?s such a huge variety of dogs listed in these lists, and I find it hard to imagine that any one person would do perfectly fine with either a Yorkie or a Lab. While that might be a good start to familiarize yourself with breed characteristics they tend to limit your search to just a few specific breeds. The perfect dog could be waiting for you at your local shelter. So if we were to go by what the internet tells us first time dog owners should just stick with getting a Poodle or Papillion. With older dogs what you see is what you get ? the dog you meet is the dog you take home. Saginaw County Animal Control made the decision that Baylee was suffering. Approximately 7. Helpful Resources for Finding The Dog That?s Right For You Don?t be discouraged when it comes to finding your first dog, I know the search can be daunting. And concerning Baylee?s health Lambeth states that her own veterinarian was aware of Baylee?s tumor and they chose not to operate. ? A study of more than 7,700 stray animals at animal shelters showed that dogs without microchips were returned to their owners 21.4 million are cats. Labradors have been the in America for ages.? Baylee didn?t have any ID. Caring for a dog is a 10-15 year commitment, and I don?t a top 10 breed list is a great predictor when it comes to finding your new best friend. By that time it was already too late. When?s the last time you were around an adolescent Lab? They make excellent family pets with enough exercise and mental stimulation, but if they get bored they can become quite destructive. ? Locate local shelters, rescues, & adoptable dogs No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich. I?ve often wondered if mutts are getting the raw end of the deal when it comes to telling people to ?research breeds? before choosing a dog. There isn?t a ?one size fits all? perfect breed for everyone. But what we need to avoid is clumping dogs like Labs & Bichon Frise?s into the same ?best breeds for first time pet owners? category. She wasn?t microchipped, wasn?t wearing a collar, and didn?t have any records of being licensed with the state. Baylee?s family found out that she had been picked up by animal control at 11pm, since the facility was closed they had to wait til the next morning to pick her up. Dogs come in all shapes, sizes & ages; and even among litter mates you see plenty of differences in personality. There?s Not One Magical Breed That?s Right for Everyone I have nothing against any specific dog breed; what I?m uncomfortable with is telling people which breeds are right for them. When Lambeth went to animal control at 8am the next morning she was told she couldn?t pick up Baylee; she had been euthanized the night before. Any Dog Can Get Lost The sad fact is that any dog can get lost. You?re going to recommend a Vizsla or Australian Cattle Dog to a first time dog owner? Of course it can work out but those two wouldn?t have crossed my mind unless the potential owner wanted a hunting buddy or lived on a farm. Rather than just thinking of one or two breeds that might be right for you consider going through a rescue to find the dog that?s right for you. Talk with various handlers, breeders, and trainers who?ve worked with the breed for awhile; they?re going to be able to provide you with all sorts of breed specific knowledge. With the millions of dogs available it?s important to keep in mind your perfect match won?t always come from a top 10 list. (though & mellow) The oversimplification of choosing a dog based on a top 10 list is worrisome. Under Michigan state law if an animal is not wearing any form of ID (tags, microchip, or license) the shelter shall hold them for 4 days, and if the animal does have ID their hold is increased to 7 days. Each owner is different, even when it comes to first time dog owners. But the results themselves are limited to a handful of breeds ? and with millions of dogs in shelters I?d like to think they also deserve a chance to show their potential. This is Liberty who was adopted from a shelter in 2012. I hope at the very least it highlights the importance of having proper ID on your pet; and while collars and tags can fall off a microchip is there for good ? just make sure to keep the registered info up to date. There are just too many variables involved. Potential dog owners shouldn?t feel the need to narrow down their search to one or two specific breeds when there?s a ton of great dogs out there to choose from. 10 percent were detected during a medical evaluation, and? 2 1/2 percent were detected just before the animals were scheduled for euthanasia. ? American Veterinary Medical Association () Only 58 percent of the microchipped animals? microchips had been registered in a database with their pet parent?s contact information.9 million are dogs and 3. Get to know the dogs, make sure they?re the right fit for you before making that commitment. ? 2009 Conclusion Baylee?s story could happen to anyone; accidents happen & dogs get lost every day. But what if we changed that perspective just a little bit? What if we went out and met some dogs in person rather than asking a stranger? Rather than asking ?what breed is right for me? perhaps we should start asking ?what dog is right for me?? Is There a Best Breed For First Time Dog Owners? There?s always been something that feels ?off? about all of those best breed lists; especially when it comes to trying to find the perfect breed for a first time dog owner. The Tragic Story of Baylee Baylee via Last week Laurie Lambeth?s 11 year old Cocker Spaniel Baylee got lost. The Most Recommended Breeds via 10 List Posts According to the ?top to breed lists? I analyzed two breeds showed up on every single list ? the Papillion & Poodle. There were quite a few breeds that ended up with one vote each: Peekapoo Samoyed Schnoodle Sussex Spaniel Yorkiepoo Norfolk Terrier Collie English Springer Spaniel Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier Whippet German Shorthair Pointer Vizsla Weimeraner Australian Cattle Dog German Pinscher Silky Terrier Mi-Ki (don?t even know what that is) Rhodesian Ridgeback Mini Bull Terrier Mountain Cur These top ten breed lists for first time dog owners have working dogs, sighthounds, toy dogs, herding dogs & designer breeds. ?We didn?t want to put her through something where it would repeatedly have to be removed. I?d like to imagine there?s a lot more to a dogs potential than just his breed. Get Out There & Meet Some Dogs What?s right for one owner isn?t right another.2% of the time. In second place were the King Charles Cavalier Spaniels, Golden Retrievers, Labradors & Pugs which made it onto 9 of the 10 lists. It?s up to us, as advocates, no matter what our particular situation, to start explaining to people that breed labels are subjective, not based in science and that when we, as animal welfare professionals guess, we guess wrong at least 50% and often 75% of the time. If you have any doubts at all take a look at your local rescues where the staff and volunteers can . Shelter pets make amazing companions. There?s not a one size fits all breed that works well for all first time dog owners, just as there?s not a perfect breed for every single person who lives in an apartment. Their dogs are often fostered which gives you an insight into what that dog is like in a home environment. ? Louis Sabin Recommended Reading A Tragic Reminder ? Please Microchip Your Pets Last updated on May 12, 2016 By Puppy Leaks I know getting a microchip for your pets isn?t sexy, and it?s probably not on your list of things to do today; but when accidents happen it really can help save your pets life. I think we can agree that severe injuries such as badly broken bones cause suffering, but where do you draw the line? What one person sees as suffering will differ; and that call is no longer guaranteed to the owner when a pet gets lost. You can?t guarantee your dog won?t get lost; but you can guarantee they?ll have ID. The right dog is out there for you, it?s just going to take a little more than reading a top 10 list to find him.? According to animal control director LeeAnn Ridley Baylee?s tumor was ?literally the size of a cantaloupe dragging on the ground. That being said they can be quite a handful. If you have your heart set on a specific breed check to see if there are any dog shows or events coming to your town. There?s a huge difference between adopting a puppy vs an adult dog. You need to consider the size of the dog, sociability, age, trainability, activity level, and health. As expected there were a few breeds that made it onto every list, but there were also a few extremely questionable ones. I don?t think you can make a much safer bet than that. She?s since completed her and has been placed with her handler ? a veteran with PTSD. Here?s a breakdown of the most recommended breeds from 10 of those lists: Data Taken From 10 Best Breeds for First Time Owner Lists. ?The dog was blind and had a large tumor, which prompted animal control staff to call in a veterinarian to examine Baylee. Microchip Statistics Animal shelters have lost pets coming into their facilities every day; when there?s no way to identify an owner the chances of the pet being reunited become quite slim. There?s a big difference in dog breeds in these lists, but there?s also a huge difference in first time dog owners. The age of the dog, size, the dogs personality, willingness of the owner to provide adequate mental & physical exercise. While the case gets settled (Lambeth is currently pursuing an investigation) the laws might change, but in the mean time there?s one thing us pet owners can do ? microchip our pets. ?It got big, but it hasn?t grown in about a year,? . When you start researching the ?best breeds? for first time dog owners you?ll end up with a bunch of top 10 breed lists & you?ll probably take a few of those ?find your perfect breed? quizzes. Recommended Reading. Every dog is different.Is There Really a Best Breed For First Time Dog Owners? Last updated on March 23, 2019 By Puppy Leaks ?What?s the best dog for a first time dog owner?? I?ve seen that question so many times on forums and no one?s shy about sharing their opinions on the matter. ? Of course we should do our research when it comes to getting a new family member. But there is one exception: This section does not apply to animals which are sick or injured to the extent that the holding period would cause undue suffering, or to animals whose owners request immediate disposal. We should be telling people that the vast majority of dogs in our shelters are mutts or mixed breeds and that the way they look says nothing reliable about their behavior.9% of the time, whereas microchipped dogs were returned to their owners 52. Analyzing the ?Top 10 Breeds for First Time Dog Owners? Out of curiosity I tallied up the breeds listed from the 10 most popular ?best breeds for first time dog owners? posts on Google. I am not playing the blame game; but I do I want some good to come of this tragedy. They?re generally even tempered and easy to get along with. The Fairfax County Animal Shelter in Virginia recently removed their breed labels from their adoption kennels. They?re both great dogs, but they?re suited for different lifestyles, and the last time I checked being a first time dog owner isn?t a one size fits all lifestyle.6 million companion animals enter animal shelters nationwide every year

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